Creating a joint controller agreement

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    Create a finished joint controller agreement using our interactive generator with just a few clicks.

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    Process personal data with multiple controllers with the help of a GDPR compliant joint controller agreement.

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Requirements for joint controllership

Looking to enter into a joint controllership for data processing? GDPR Art. 26 establishes some general criteria for such an arrangement. The most important one is that where two or more controllers jointly determine the purposes and means of processing, they must enter into an agreement determining their respective responsibilities.

This agreement should be in writing (in order to meet accountability) in the form of a contract. The agreement must be made transparent in determining which controller fulfils which of the GDPR obligations. It is particularly important to determine the respective roles and relationships of the joint controllers with respect to the data subjects. The respective duties to provide information referred to in GDPR Art. 13 and 14 must also be determined.

Agreement template generator

The easiest way to create a joint controller agreement is by using our interactive generator. The generator will guide you, step by step, in correctly including all important legal aspects in the joint controllership of personal data.

Download the finished MS Word document with the GDPR Art. 26 criteria and have the other joint controllers sign it.

Our benefits package

  • Our experienced data protection lawyers have drafted the agreement text in our generator and verified it for GDPR compliance.

  • The generator asks you questions and incorporates your answers directly in the agreement text, resulting in a document customised to your needs.

  • You can download the MS Word document and edit it as desired. To protect your data, we will not store your entries on our server.


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joint controller agreement

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Frequently asked questions on joint controller agreements

What is joint controllership?

Joint controllership comes about when many independent entities decide to use the same data at the same time. Examples include building joint infrastructure, using the same database or the same SaaS solution or even operating a joint website.

What's the difference between joint controllership and processing on behalf of a controller?

With processing on behalf of a controller, a service provider helps the controller to process the relevant data for the controller’s purpose. The service provider itself has no purpose for processing the data but merely renders the service as promised.

In a joint controllership, both parties have their own, but not necessarily different, purposes for processing the data. An example would be when one party covers support while the other handles marketing and both avail themselves of the same CRM system. Mixed scenarios are also possible, such as when the CRM from the previous example is operated or administered by one party and set up by the other.

Service description for joint controller agreement generator

Please note the following guidelines regarding the service scope for generating a joint controller agreement:

  1. You will have access to the interactive agreement generator for 24 hours after purchase through your user account in the We will send you specific instructions via email immediately after your purchase.
  2. You can use the generator as often as you like during your product’s validity period. Please note the rights of use and disclaimer found in our general terms and conditions (T&C).
  3. Create an agreement using our template generator through step by step instruction, which is always visible alongside the generator.
  4. There is no verification of the accuracy of the entered data. The accuracy of all entered data is to be verified by the user. The assistance is so intuitive that it requires no additional verification.
  5. After you’ve finished entering your data, you can download the resulting MS Word document or copy it to the clipboard to insert it in the application of your choice.
  6. To protect your data, we will not store the resulting text on our server. As soon as you close the page or your web browser or your session ends, you must enter your data again.