Interactive generators for documents on data protection

Interaktive Generatoren für Ihre Datenschutz-Rechtstexte

Our interactive generators help you create contracts and policies for different data protection purposes in your company within minutes: Simply answer a few questions and download the ready-to-use document.

Define your joint controllership with multiple controllers when processing personal data using our GDPR compliant agreement template.

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Your intuitive step-by-step instruction for creating standard contractual clauses for legal data transfer in a third country

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Interactive generators for data protection contracts and policies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national data protection laws have several requirements that you and your employees must uphold. For certain applications the GDPR requires contracts: Controllers and processors must enter into a data protection contract for processing personal data on behalf of the controller. Controllers and processors must maintain records of processing activities.

For other areas of the data protection regulations contractual agreements are not required by the law. But for reasons of accountability, we recommend complying with data protection requirements in writing through concepts, policies or other contractual agreements.

Our interactive generators will assist you by incorporating all aspects of a GDPR- and legally compliant document. You can configure a variety of policies, contracts and other documents for data protection in your company.

Simply answer the questions posed by the generator. It will help you, step by step, create text that is legally compliant. When you’re finished, you can copy the document or download it as a Microsoft Word document. There’s no faster and easier way to generate legal texts on data protection.